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Watch this video and more on Amina Taha Method

Watch this video and more on Amina Taha Method

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How To: Warrior I

The Pose Library • 3m 27s

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    Upward facing dog tutorial with modifications.

    Keep your shoulders stacked over the wrists, and as you inhale expand your chest forward and up. As you exhale, plug the navel in towards your spine. Keep your thighs contracted and elongated, as you maintain suspension of the hips off the floor. Ke...

  • How To: Camel

    Camel tutorial with alignment cues and modifications.

    Make sure your spine, hip flexors and quads are warmed up properly before attempting this pose.

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    How to do a crow with detailed instructions and cues.

    Make sure your wrists are warmed up before trying this pose.

    Setup your hands to shoulder-width distance, bend the elbows straight back to create a "shelf' for the knees. Lean forward just enough to enter the sweet spot, so you can begin to ...

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