The Pose Library

  • How To: Warrior I

    Learn the alignment of warrior I, where to activate and where you should be feeling a stretch.

  • How To: Upward Facing Dog

    Upward facing dog tutorial with modifications.

    Keep your shoulders stacked over the wrists, and as you inhale expand your chest forward and up. As you exhale, plug the navel in towards your spine. Keep your thighs contracted and elongated, as you maintain suspension of the hips off the floor. Ke...

  • How To: Camel

    Camel tutorial with alignment cues and modifications.

    Make sure your spine, hip flexors and quads are warmed up properly before attempting this pose.

    Steps: Keep your knees hips width distance, and keep your hips over the knees. As you inhale, lift your chest and look up, as you exhale begin le...

  • How To: Crow

    How to do a crow with detailed instructions and cues.

    Make sure your wrists are warmed up before trying this pose.

    Setup your hands to shoulder-width distance, bend the elbows straight back to create a "shelf' for the knees. Lean forward just enough to enter the sweet spot, so you can begin to ...

  • How To: Extended Puppy

    Learn the alignment, variations and modifications of extended puppy, an upper thoracic spine opener.

    From a tabletop position, stack your hips under the knees and walk your torso forward as you melt your chest down.

    As you inhale, melt the chest down, and as you exhale find a slight protraction...

  • How To: Headstand

    Headstand tutorial, prerequisites and modifications.

    Prerequisites: Make sure you can take 8-10 breaths in a dolphin pose first, and make sure there is never any pain in your neck while working towards this pose. Also- no jumping!
    Modifications: Use a wall for support. Stay in the handstand tuc...

  • How To: Straddle Forward Fold

    Straddle forward fold step by step tutorial and modifications.

    Keep your spine elongated as you hinge from the hips. Keep your inner thighs spinning upwards, glutes active, quadriceps engaged and ankles flexed. Maintain wide collarbones. Use calm, steady breathing as you visualize your chest and...

  • How To: Seated Forward Fold

    Step by step tutorial on how to find length and ease in seated forward fold (paschimottanasana).

    Extend your legs forward, with the feet together. Tilt the pelvis forward into a slight anterior tilt to lengthen the lower back. Inhale, stretch up as you lengthen the spine, and as you exhale drape...