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Day 4: Honey Sculpt: Abs

Day 4: Honey Sculpt: Abs

Watch Learning Diaphragmatic Breathing first, followed by this abdominal sculpt class.

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Day 4: Honey Sculpt: Abs
  • Learning Diaphragmatic Breathing

    Diaphragmatic breath is integral to our core functioning properly. This type of breath helps us in using the full capacity of our breathing muscles, and allows us to shift our nervous system to a relaxed state, lowering the stress hormones in our body.


  • Honey Sculpt: Activate (Abs)

    Welcome to Activate! This is an abdominal-strengthening class. Follow it with Stretch Class A!

    Sculpt, tone and lengthen with the Honey Sculpt Series. This series focuses on strengthening and sculpting your entire body while also elongating beautiful lines after every class.
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