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5 Minute Feel Good

  • Feel Good Inner Thighs

    10 min feel-good inner thighs class, relaxing your inner thigh muscles and softening tension.

  • Feel Good Hamstrings

    Practice this 10 min Feel Good Hamstrings whenever your hamstrings need a stretch throughout the day

  • 5 Minute Feel Good Flow

    Short and sweet 5 minute flow, easing your body through movements that release tension throughout your day. You can start your day with this flow, or incorporate it into any 5 free minutes you have during your day.

  • Mom & Baby (5 Min Feel Good)

    A playful, fun 6 minute flow for you and your little one to move & connect on the mat!

  • How To: Extended Puppy

    Learn the alignment, variations and modifications of extended puppy, an upper thoracic spine opener.

    From a tabletop position, stack your hips under the knees and walk your torso forward as you melt your chest down.

    As you inhale, melt the chest down, and as you exhale find a slight protraction...

  • 5 Min Feel Good (Neck & Gentle Movement)

    Incorporate neck flexibility and lateral side bending into your day for a short sweet release

  • Breathwork: Alternate Nostril Breathing Pranayama w/ Locks

    Relax your nervous system with alternate nostril breathing, while incorporating your pelvic floor lock as well as your abdominal lock.

  • 5 Minute Feel Good (Spine)

    A short, sweet flow moving into your spine through waves and articulations.